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THN Enterprises now offers dental equipment and services:

Not only does THN have various professional experience with dental and medical offices, we also have trained personnel who specialize in dental equipment services.Our services include, but not limited to, responding to vaccum failure, replacing x-ray equipment, restoring malfunctioning chairs, restoring suction and any equipment related issues

We also install complete new offices and hardware such as vacuums, digital x-rays, compressors, plaster traps, and all other necessary equipment to make your grand opening a sucess.

We are well-equipped and experienced to provide the best equipment services to your needs within your expected time frames. Please call or send us an E-mail and see how we can serve you.

We carry the following lines to suit your needs:

1. DCI Equipment: Dental Chairs, Dental Delivery Systems, Dental Stools and Lights

2. AFP Imaging: Dent-X imaging and x-rays units

3. Tech-West: Air compressors, vacuums, water bypass

4. J. Morita: Panoramic/Cephalometric X-ray

5. Velopex International: X-rays and processors

6. Dentamerica: Scalers, Curing Lights, Interoral Cameras

7. Other Equipment: Silvery Recovery Units, Dental stools, etc.